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You're On The Right Path Scorpio

Hi There Better-loves,

I wanted to stop in and give you all some positivity for the week of February 12 through the 19th. So often times we question ourselves, our judgment and wonder how do we know that we are on the right path. Well quite frankly when you're on the right path you receive constant affirmations, reassurance, and messages that you are.

Here's my messages to you for this week!

What you have been wanting is happening. The manifestation has begun! What you want/ are doing is going to work in your favor as long as you realize that you are the creator of your own destiny and dreams. Don't be afraid of change , new direction, moving forward or letting go this week. It will lead to fulfillment and joy.

Beware of the battles you pick, mind trickery, paranoia, and limit distractions, temptation will be lurking .

Remember to focus and continue to be steadfast in you work. It doesn't go unnoticed. Continue working on yourself and being grateful. Do not isolate yourself but take the time to look inward. Remember " OUT OF THE DARKNESS & INTO THE LIGHT" is easily a theme for this week better-loves. New beginnings will take shape. Remain in your beauty and charm.

Remember who you are, your strengths, power and stay positive. Take time for yourself. Allow yourself to breathe and feel joy this week. Take rest from the constant mental warfare you create. there is no need to feel despair, forgotten, or alone. You are not. your mission is to find joy in your life, find joy in the things that make you happy.

You will be pursued this week by someone charming, interesting and witty. Expect communications of love to come to you this week. Don't be guarded or have fear. Be fearless, step out of your comfort zone and let love in/happiness of all sizes in. RECEIVE IT! LET GO AND LIVE! YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

This week move forward knowing who you are and what you have to offer. Stick to your true self, beliefs and ideas. You are on the right track! Hope equals Trust! Trust yourself, you are on the right path! Be loyal to self first!

Over All Messages for the week :

Let go of fears emotionally. Move on from anything holding you back.

Let go of your past. Know that what you prayed for is NEAR.

Take some time to relish in nature, take in the beauty & get some fresh air.

Be Assertive!

Don't compare yourself to others and know that things are moving and happening in your favor! You are on the right path!

We are in the sign of Aquarius, represented by the star! Stars keep us hopeful. Hope is the expectation of your desires.

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