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Just because it didn't work out as planned doesn't mean it was all bad.

Today, try looking at things through a new lens and appreciate the good in every experience.

So what the relationship ended, it was an experience. An experience that in some capacity made you smile.

Do you remember the Happy times of it?

We must learn to embrace the good in all things so that we can have more of it! When you look back into your digital memory bank, can't you see the glow ( Miguel in that above video, that was you!) you had at that moment in time?

You should be glowing just thinking about it!

Embrace the experience and be grateful for it. Speak it aloud that you are grateful for the joy, smiles, laughs, and love that something or someone brought into your life. Let it be known that you are happy to have had it and that you want more!

Get your self prepared to receive more by showing your appreciation for what you have and have had! Your MORE IS ON ITS WAY!


Brett CanDoItBetter

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