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Walking Away & Acceptance

Two of the hardest things to do is walk away and accept things as they are and not as we would have them be.

Walking away from a person, situation, or relationship means that you have totally concluded that there is absolutely no more that you can do on your part.

The first thing we do is try and be rational and logical by thinking without emotion. This is the easy part... especially if you happen to be a smart individual.

Looking at a situation with logic is almost like looking at the sky and knowing for a fact that its blue....I hope you get the correlation.

See the Logic is what helps you be bold enough to say "Yea,nah this isnt working!"

But quickly after logic comes your emotions and the memories and the good times trying to over ride the logic which makes you question your GOOD JUDGEMENT!

The emotions come in and make you think "Maybe I'm trippn, Maybe just Maybe, I am requiring too much!" When in actuality, your requirements are probably just bigger than what the other person can give.


Now this leads us to acceptance.

Acceptance is letting go despite the fact that you may not fully understand why this person can't meet your requirements. To not understand causes confusion and confusion cause you not to understand the vicious cycle just keeps going and going!

Acceptance s is one of the hardest things to do by far, mainly because of our ego, insecurities and thoughts of who we are come into play here.

Our ego tells us that we are the BOMB DOT COM and who wouldnt want US, but our insecurities chime in and say- Well it didn't work out, maybe I'm not the bomb.

Maybe just maybe I am not all that. I value all these things in life that set me apart but no one but me gives a damn, do I need to Dumb Me Down?


This is why walking away and acceptance is so hard!

1. You have to be mentally strong to override the constant battle of the heart & mind.

2 You have to love yourself completely and not allow your insecurities to keep you stuck.

3. You have to know and believe that YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS which is how you know that you are making the right decision!

4. You have to be strong enough to not let your EGO control your mind. Your Ego will turn everything into a battle of winning, and in actuality you end up losing more than you started with.

5. You have to humble yourself enough to understand that you are no different or special than anyone else, we all have to make decisions on whats good for us. Your 40 inch bundles or 10 inch Penis doesnt make you any different.

6. You have to know what it is exactly that you want and be willing to stand alone, be alone and walk way in order to receive it.

Trust me I know exactly how hard walking away is, especially if its something that you have had to do more than once.

See the thing is as we get closer to what we truly desire we will be tested and tempted with things that only encompass a small amount of what we are looking for.

It is our job to pass those test and temptations by walking away from



Brett CanDoItBetter

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