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Mrs. CanDoItBetter

Can Do It Better Customs is owned by Brett Cowart aka Brett CanDoItBetter.  The company’s name comes from my Facebook account. When signing up I didn’t care to share my government on social media so I thought to myself “hmm, what should my last name be?” I remembered how each day I strive to be the best and do everything better than everyone else. I really believe that I Can. Do. It. Better. It doesn’t matter what it is, Brett Can Do It Better, and without realizing, my brand was born.

CDIB was started in 2016 with the thought of just being a T-shirt company, but quickly evolved into timeless fashions for the world to see. I decided to start this business because I had so much to say, so the best outlet was through my T-shirts and apparel! Starting this business I knew that my visions would be seen, understood, admired, wanted, and worn by those confident and bold enough to actually show who they are!

Can Do It Better Customs (CDIB), is a retail shop of edgy, contemporary, sexy and customized apparel. We specialize in customizing blanks of all kinds. We sell the hottest, latest, yet timeless pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. We concentrate on your grabbing attention and keeping it. Everything sold is customized and handpicked directly by me. I take pride in creating and choosing bold timeless pieces.

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